Can I open my yale lock with a credit card?

Can I open my yale lock with a credit card?

A question which we are often asked. This questions comes more often from people who’ve been helping though their lockout situation. It’s a fair question and here we’d like to clarify and inform on the topic.

Can I use a credit card to open my lockThere are locks out there which you can open with a credit card. This idea, which spread through the media through films and news. Although shows a possibility, many locks today are resistant towards such techniques.

In many cases of lockout situation the idea of opening your yale lock with a credit card strikes the one locked out. And many do indeed try this method. However often without success. Which is good. An indication of a safe lock. Who would want to lock their home with a lock that you can easily open with a credit card? Find out more about common threats to security today here.

Other situations that we often meet with is that the customer has tried to get through the door by force. Either by kicking it in or using something to strike the lock with. This is the last course of action that our professional team would recommend. Great damage to the lock, door and frame might be caused and the cost hoped to avoid is instead doubled or tripled due to it.

After trying to open the yale lock with a credit card. If no success is had, then at times customers try to pick the lock. Again, a great idea, if you know what you are doing and if you have the right tools. Without that however it can cause damage to the lock, or worse render it unusable. Messing with a lock which is already compromised can get it stuck even harder for when the professional help arrives. And again, the cost may end up larger than if the yale lock had been left alone.

What can I do if I am locked out?

In spite of all the ways you hear about. Which tell the trix of getting back inside of your house should you have landed in a lockout situation. Our professional crew strongly advise you to leave it to an expert. The reasons for this is not to bring in more business but simply due to the damage which may be caused by taking action to get back inside yourself. If you don’t have the proper training or the right tools for the job.

What you should do if you are locked out of your home or your business building. Is make sure you have a professional saved to your contacts. Dial, and sit tight. That’s all. Our 24 hour available lockout service is fast and available around the clock.

If you are locked out you might be thinking about things like trying to open the door with a credit card. Perhaps picking the lock is another idea which comes to mind. Both of these ideas come to the mind of the inexperienced. Although some latch locks can be opened under the credit card principal. To slip the lock as is called. Trying to do so when you are locked out of your home. Will most likely result in you having to order a new credit card from your provider.

Quick help in case of broken key or other lockout emergencyOn top of that, if you try to get at your lock with a credit card. The risk of damaging the lock is as large as the risk of you managing to get though. Without the right skill, the damage on the lock may turn out more expensive than it would have been to just call for help in the first place.

Picking the lock is also not something that we would recommend if you find yourself locked out. Again damage to the lock is likely if lockpicking is not a skill you practice. Without the right tools for picking a lock it is also a far greater challenge to manage, a near impossible one without causing damage to the internal mechanism of the lock.

The last thing you want is to render your own lock unusable should you find your keys just inside the door. Call our team at any time for help with an emergency lockout situation.