Fix faulty locks now!

Keys, keys and more keys!

Keys and shop We will always respond quickly to your urgent calls, with our emergency service operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as gaining entry for customers who have lost their keys or locked them inside, these calls often deal with broken locks or keys that have snapped off in the lock. Cheap counterfeit keys and locks are frequently to blame. Liverpool recommends that people keep an eye on the condition of their keys and locks. If keys are beginning to show hairline cracks, or locks are working loose, don’t just cross your fingers and hope everything will be ok. It is easier to get a professional team member out to address the issue now than it is to face the hassle of a snapped key at 1am, however quickly we answer your call! We stock all the best brand keys.

keysYou really should consider getting loose locks tightened or replaced, and damaged keys copied and/or replaced before the situation gets any worse. Our team can arrange for locks to be changed on the day of your call. Keys can be cut using equipment on our call-out vans. What’s more, our professionals would never consider using imitation goods. You can rely on the materials we provide to be robust and durable. A guarantee is placed on all work as a marker of the trust we place in the tools and equipment we use.  Don’t put stress on malfunctioning or weak locks and keys – you know you’ll regret it later! Contact us today and we can take a look at how best to secure your property at the lowest cost to you. We understand that money is tight for everyone at the moment, so we will work efficiently and explain the full range of cost options to you.  When it comes to lock-outs, prevention is better than cure, so call today!