Locksmithing Services

Security inspections Today

locksmithingA security inspection from will give you the knowledge you need to make a fully-informed decision about the security of your residential, commercial or industrial property. One of our guys will make an appointment to full assess and survey your property, looking for points that would be targets for potential intruders or where your locking systems may fail you leaving your locked out of the property. Security inspections can take place at evenings or weekends if this suits you.

Fast Response

coloured keysThey take a minimum of one hour; perhaps much longer for large industrial properties, but we charge a flat rate. Following the inspection, Cheap Locksmith Liverpool will offer professional advice drawing on his or her many years of experience in the business, as well as knowledge of recent products available in the industry. All issues will be fully explained to you and we will offer advice as to equipment that would suit your property in order to tighten up its security. For security inspections at reasonable rates, call now.

Emergency Service

We have vans and fast-working specialists on standby at all hours of the day and night to respond to your call. When you lose your keys at midnight, you can hardly wake the neighbours. Call us and we will gain entry to your property. On most emergency call outs we don’t even need to drill locks – by lock picking we do not damage your property and you can continue with your day. If entry does require causing some damage, we carry Yale locks, deadlocks and all necessary equipment on board so that your home can be re-secured straight away.

“I know if I wanted an expert fast I would call LLS because you know that you’re dealing with professionals and that’s what counts when you need to gain access fast or secure your property”. P Martin Bristol Locksmith.

Car locks

number padlocksContacting us is the fastest and most wallet-friendly way of gaining entry to your car when you have locked the keys inside. As soon as you provide our workers with paperwork to prove ownership, we can get to work on getting you back on the road. We understand that the last thing you want is to sustain damage to your car in the course of gaining entry.

 Our specialists

Our team are highly trained in car services so that in 99% of cases we can gain entry without a scratch to your car. If locks need to be changed this can be done straight away, and we can programme electric keys using equipment carried on the call-out vans. Specialist solutions are required for all number of situations, not just the typical one of locking the keys in the car. We deal with immobilizer issues, extraction of broken keys stuck in locks, damaged ignition, and central locking programming. For all types of specialist services, contact us today.

Key cutting services

We offer a fast and accurate key cutting service both at our store and, for many types of keys, on our vans. Whether you require a standard door key cut, or a new car key cut and electrically programmed, we have the equipment and experience to meet your requirement rapidly and at a reasonable price.

Lock checks with our trusted team

check and upgrade your locks with a specialistThe foundation and base for any good security situation, whether applicable to a work or a home scenario is to ensure good locks on all doors and windows. Hereby covering all the potential entrance and exit points of prospect burglars and thieves.

The best and most secure way of making sure that you have this most basic of security needs covered is to get in touch with an expert in the field of locks. Our team are here, ready and waiting for your call, and ready to assist you with your lock checks at home and at work. Call now and book in for a full security inspection and waste no more time in worries over how secure your family are at home or how secure your financial investments at work are.

We know what makes a great security situation today, and we know what classifies a good, sturdy and up to date lock which will keep you as well protected as possible in today’s threatening world. You can contact our caring advisors here with your questions straight away, and if you have an urgent issue in need of resolution don’t let hesitation keep you, a call to us is simple and will leave you better informed to what options are available.

Around the clock, and around your schedule, our diligent service is happy to dance, ensuring that you are kept convenient and, above all, ensuring that you and your things are kept as safe and secure as possible. We are here for you all hours of the day, call now to find out more.

Home security advice and alarm installation

 alarm installation and adviceThere are currently many good reasons to think about home security, and ensuring that good practices and adequate security measures are taken at home is something which should be top of each home owners priority list. For our team this even more so if you are not the only one resident in the property. Making sure that your home is secure, and that those who reside there are safe will not only help you sleep better at night. But also give you the financial security and assurance that you need to keep your days as well as your nights as stress free as possible. This is where our experts comes in.

Give us a call at any time to book in for a security inspection at your property, and make sure that your risk areas are covered together with a trained and experienced security expert.

Having surveyed and helped countless number of private home owners to a safer and better security solution you can rely us to provide you only the best and most applicable security means which are right for just you. Each person has individual security needs, just as each property comes with its own risk areas and strengths. So in order to practice a good security routine at home, and have the proper security equipment installed at your house speak to an expert today. Making sure that you and your family is safe and that your financial investments are secure has never been easier, or cheaper for that matter.

With a professional service who follows industry development, you’ll be sure to find the highest value for money solution suiting to your needs. Call us at any time with your questions and to arrange for your home security check!

Security bars with your local security experts

 security shuttersAre you the owner of a small shop, or are you operating your business in a building in need of extra security, or perhaps you are a home owner who is thinking about bringing the security of your high risk windows and entrance points up to date. Why not arrive with a security bar expert who can help you advice, find and install what is correct for you. With a wide range of different models, looks and features there are security bars which suit every situation available on the market, a market which our service is always up to the latest with to ensure that the best quality and the best value for money can be found for our customers.

Should you be unsure if security bars is the right security solution for you, the advice you are in need of can be found here. Not every entrance points benefit greatly from such a feature, nor is it a convenient solution for others. Meaning that knowing where it suits, and exactly what suits can be difficult for those without experience in the field. There are different types of security bars out there, from the kind which are solid and cannot be removed without special tools or those which allow removal in the day time. Of course there are a range of security shutters etc. available for you who would prefer this. Getting from the point of speaking to our advisors to the point of having your security bars, shutters or system installed is simple, all you need to do is give us a call and take the first step. After contact has been made we will help guide the situation and process to a point which you are satisfied with, where your business or home and family are left with a security solution which lets your rest relaxed at night.

Full home security solutions with our team

 full home securityIt’s prime time to think about your home security if you have not already done so. Protecting against the risk of home intrusion is not something which needs to cost a fortune, and with our experts you can rest assured that you will always be well taken care of. Here your security is our priority, and the highly trained experts will be able to aid you from start to finish. This means that you can ask us any questions you may have and our specialists who have been in the industry of helping people to better and more secure situations at home for a countless number of years will be able to find you the most suiting solution for you, your home and your budget.

From advice on where your risk areas lie, you can always book in for a security survey, where you’ll not only find what is good for your property, but also learn about good security practices and habits which are easy and of little or no cost to instate. On top of that, the prices on the services and products that we supply and install are always competitive, so you can rest assured that you will get the best possible deal.

Making sure that your home security is up to date should be a top priority, and if you come to our security team, you’ll find everything you need from advice and recommendations from an expert, to installation and help with usability of your system. So feel free to get in touch today!

A big array of services supplied and installed

 keys locks and securityAny type of lock, key or security solution that you may be in need of you will be able to find here, under the roof of our store with the training, the knowledge and the experience required to know what is best for you and the solution you are after.

Having been in and on the industry market for several years as well, the workmen has learned well how to find the products which are of good value for money and of the highest standards from a security point of perspective. This means that if you come to a specialist team dedicated to finding you the best and most applicable security deal for you, you’ll find the highest level of security, with the most professional installation and at a great and affordable price. Here we tailor the security solutions we build with the customer in mind. This means not only do we look at the property its features, but we also see the individual’s practical day to day needs and routines which will help us determine what type of security measures would be of the most efficient use.

Feel free to get in touch with any of our friendly advisors about your security, or the service that you are in need of today, anything from precision key cutting to lock installations and full blown security installations starting with security consultations, security inspections and ending up with you and your home or your business in a more secure position.

So don’t have any hold ups, just lift the phone to a professional who will always keep you at the centre of their practice, and make sure that your security and the services that you are in need of are left in good and experienced hands.

No Worries

keysFor quick identification of keys, our in-store key-cutting service is able to print keys with a range of colours and patterns. Don’t fumble through a bunch of identical-looking gold and silver keys – get your house key printed up so it stands out! All types of keys can be cut. If you are looking for replacements or duplicates of cylinder keys, mortice keys, window keys, safe keys, padlock keys or any other type of keys, get in touch with us and never get locked out again.